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Dean Goforth is a  national champion in the drag racing industry. He recently reentered the racing circuit after devoting his full time and attention to his other business interests. This new venture is a first class operation. Dean won national titles in both the American Drag Racing Association and the American Hot Rod Association. He was voted Rookie of the Year in the National Hot Rod Association. Dean is also a successful businessman. He owns Deans Casing Service, one of the largest oil well casing services in Oklahoma as well as an automotive service center and various other business ventures. Goforth Racing Team has two cars that are running under the sanctions of the International Hot Rod Association in the Pro Stock class. Both cars were built by Jerry Haas Race Cars. Haas has been voted chassis builder of the year twelve times.  Dean's son, Cary Goforth, drives the new Chevrolet Cobalt race car. Both cars are powered by Sonny Leonard built engines and run consistently in the lower six seconds with speeds near 220 miles per hour in the quarter mile.